Our Mission Statement

Leading experts in natural esthetic medicine

The Center for Advanced Rejuvenation and Esthetics (CARE) is committed to improving the field of facial esthetics by offering more natural approaches and regenerative procedures in facial esthetics. Under the direction of numerous international clinical experts in facial esthetics consisting of leading researchers in platelet concentrates (PFF) and laser therapy, a series of natural regenerative approaches and therapies are performed at CARE Esthetics to obtain beautiful and natural esthetic outcomes.

Our philosophy: natural beauty

We have a different philosophy in reversing facial aging. At CARE Esthetics, we are proud to use natural regenerative approaches with lasers and PRF.

We offer free consultations to listen to your individual goals and address your esthetic questions. You will have the opportunity to personally meet with our team to review and establish a personalized treatment plan.

The Bio-CARE Protocol, Our Signature Treatment

The Bio-CARE Protocol is our signature treatment and exclusive to CARE Esthetics. It is the most frequently performed procedure within our office because it speaks to our commitment to a more natural approach to facial aging that favors better long-term health and maintenance of skin tissues.

The Bio-CARE protocol makes up the majority of the treatments we do at CARE Esthetics and was developed for patients who prefer an all-natural approach. The Bio-CARE protocol is as natural and as potent as they come, combining the advantages of laser and PRF treatments for maximum facial rejuvenation.

Over the past years, we have pioneered and collected data on thousands of cases to determine the most effective ways to regenerate facial tissues using all-natural approaches. The Bio-CARE protocol combines PRF therapy with laser therapy, offering the most advanced, all-natural regenerative strategies available today.

The goal of the Bio-CARE protocol maximizes the regenerative potential of facial tissues by combing our most favored patient treatments:

  • SmoothLase
  • LipLase
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Facial Injections with PRF
  • Microneedling with PRF

Laser therapy is able to reactivate dormant fibroblasts to recreate lost collagen. The additional use of PRF, a source of growth factors and stimulating agents, is then able to supplement laser therapy with the building blocks needed for enhanced regeneration. The laser first activates the fibroblasts to product more collagen and the PRF provides the nutrients.

Medical-Grade Skincare

Our office proudly partners with SkinCeuticals, the #1 medical-grade advanced skincare brand backed by science for optimal skin health. We believe that long-term preventative care is needed to maintain excellent skin. It is important to remember that skin care products are not necessarily meant to reverse the signs of aging like PRF or laser therapy, but instead, they act to prevent future damage and aging. No skincare product can remove deep lines and wrinkles, but certainly many studies have shown improvements in fine lines using medical-grade skincare, especially when used in combination with regenerative therapies.

Learn about our recommended post-treatment medical grade skincare here.