You may be asking yourself, Why would a dentist be the best choice for facial aesthetics?”

In the United States, about 10% of dentists currently perform facial esthetic procedures the number is continues to rise.

Dentists perform dozens of injections per day every day, into dark areas of the mouth, under less than perfect lighting, and in fully awake and often, nervous patients.

On average, dentists will perform hundreds of injections per week and hundreds of thousands of injections throughout their careers. Extraoral facial injections become routine very quickly to dentists.

The esthetic demands of dentistry and the artistic work that cosmetic dentists do on a daily basis, in addition to their rigorous training in head and neck anatomy, is extremely relevant to the field of facial esthetics. Dentists work in millimeter range and not in centimeters or inches and deliver precision and accuracy in both their dental and facial esthetics treatments.

The top three features of physical attractiveness involve the perioral region: the teeth, the smile, and the lips. Every dentist has an obligation to learn aesthetics because our work profession and career are critically dependent on our ability to understand facial attractiveness and contribute to it. Dentists understand facial harmony and aesthetics better than any other medical professional.